Meet Line-up for Home vs Four Seasons

Line-Up for Home vs Four Seasons - July 18th

Please find your child's events in the meet line-up below. Write the following information on their hand/arm with a Sharpie marker before arriving at the meet. If you are new to the team and are unclear how to do this, please stop by the scorers/awards table and someone will be able to help you. We are trying to avoid the coaches having to do this so they can focus on getting everything ready for the meet. (Also, as a side note for those new to the team: rubbing alcohol works wonders for getting the marker off after the meet!) 

  • Event Number

  • Event Stroke

  • Relay Position (1, 2, 3, 4) - Note: This only applies to those swimming in a relay.

  • Heat Number

  • Lane Number

Repeat this for each event. For example, a child swimming in the first relay race would write "1 /Relay (back)/P1/H1/L1".

This process is to help both parent and child know when their race is coming up and which lane they should wait in before their race. Things tend to get a little chaotic during the meets, so this helps everything run more smoothly.

If you have any questions about this line-up, please make sure to ask one of the coaches.

Meet Line-up Home vs Four Seasons - 7-18-2019