Meet Commitments

To facilitate creating and managing Meet Line-ups, the team uses a Google file sharing system. 

The process is easy! Please open the attached spreadsheet, enter your swimmer(s) name(s) in and mark the meets your swimmer(s) will be attending with a X.

Our coaches put together the meet line-ups the day before each scheduled meet. Compiling a meet line-up while keeping track of all the swimmers schedules is no small feat! For this reason, it is important that this document is kept up to date. If you do not list that your swimmer(s) will attend a specific meet, your swimmer(s) will not be placed in an event.

Please make sure the spreadsheet is consistently up to date at least 48 hours in advance of any given meet.

If anyone has any issues with the file at all, please send an email via the Contact page. 

We thank you for your cooperation!

Meet Commitments