Meet Line-up Away with Orange vs. Eaton Estates

Line-Up for Away with Orange vs Eaton Estates Meet - July 16th

Please find your child's events on the meet line-up below. Write the following information on their hand/arm with a Sharpie marker before arriving at the meet:

  • Event Number

  • Event Stroke

  • Relay Position (1, 2, 3, 4) - Note: This only applies to those swimming in a relay.

  • Heat Number

  • Lane Number

Repeat this for each event. For example, a child swimming in the first relay race would write "1 /Relay (back)/P1/H1/L1".

This process is to help both parent and child know when their race is coming up and which lane they should wait in before their race. Things tend to get a little chaotic during the meets, so making sure you understand this will help everything run more smoothly. If you have any questions about this line-up, please make sure to ask one of the Coaches.

Meet Line-up Away with Orange vs Eaton Estates - 7-16-2019